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Bread Specialities

Plain Naan  $ 3.95

White flour dough with milk and

butter baked in clay oven

Bullet Naan  $ 3.95

Naan stuffed with garlic green chili and butter

Garlic Naan  $ 3.95

Butter Naan  $ 3.95

Cheese Naan $ 3.95

Peshwari Naan $ 3.95

Naan stuffed with Raisins, nuts, cherries and coconut

Onion Kulcha $ 4.95

Finely chopped onions mixed with spices

and baked with fresh dough

Aloo Paratha $ 3.95

Whole wheat dough prepared with potatoes

and coriander

Roti  $ 3.50

Whole wheat dough baked in clay oven

Kerala Parotta  $ 3.95