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Vegetable Entries

Navarathan Korma  $ 14.95

Mixed vegetables cooked in mild curry sauce

and garnish with dry fruits

Paneer Butter Masala  $ 15.95

Dry homemade cottage cheese tempered with onions, tomatoes and cooked in butter and mild spice

Chenna Masala $ 14.95

Saucy chickpea and tomato dish with warming spices

KadaiPaneer / Vegetable $ 15.95

Cottage cheese cubes / Mixed veggies cooked

in spicy, langy tomato based semi-dry gravy

Vegetable Vindaloo        $ 14.95

A delicious combination of vinegar marinated

farm fresh Veggies and potatoes in flavored sauce

Vegetable Jalfrezi $ 14.95

Fresh garden vegetables marinated in ginger

and garlic then cooked with Indian spices

South Indian Korma $ 14.95

Mixed Vegetable cooked in spices with

thick coconut paste

SaagPaneer  $ 15.95

Finely cut garden fresh spinach cooked

with homemade cottage cheese

PaneerKhurchan $ 15.95

Shredded homemade cottage cheese cooked

in creamy tomato based sauce

Aloo Gobi Masala $ 14.95

Potatoes and Cauliflower cooked with fresh

Indian spices

Dal Thadkka $ 14.95

Simmered yellow lentils tempered with

ginger, garlic and cumin seeds

Dal Makhani $ 14.95

Creamed lentils delicately cooked on low heat

and garnished with fresh cream

Maharaja Special Veg. Curry $ 14.95

Mixed fresh Veggies cooked with chef’s

special south indian spices

Mutter Paneer  $ 15.95

Curried peas cooked with homemade

cottage cheese in light creamy sauce

Dal Saag $ 14.95

Simmered yellow lentils cooked in spinach sauce

AlooSaag $ 14.95

Nutritious spinach combined with soft

potatoes and Indian spices

MalaiKofta $ 14.95

Soft creamy homemade cottage cheese dumplings

stuffed with dry fruits and cooked in a mild sauce

Paneer Tikka Masala       $ 14.95

Homemade cottage cheese cubes, bell pepper,

onion cooked in tomato based creamy sauce

BagaraBaingan  $ 14.95

Eggplant dish in a medley of coconut,

sesame seeds, tamarind and Indian spices

BainganBartha   $ 14.95

Baked eggplant cooked in onion, fresh

tomatoes and variety of spices

Bhindi Masala    $ 14.95

Okra cooked with Indian spices, onion and peppers