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Apetizers (Veg)

Masala Papad $ 5.95

2 piece fried papad topped with a

mixture of tomato, onion, spices, and masala

Veg Samosa  $ 7.95

Crispy, deep fried vegetable patties

stuffed with potatoes and green peas.

Onion Bhaji  $ 8.95

Fried onion marinated with chickpeas batter

flavored with spices served with sauce

Paneer Pakoras  $ 10.95Crisp deep fried homemade cottage cheese

stuffed potato served with fresh mint sauce

Samosa Chat $ 8.95

Two pieces of samosa served with chickpeas and

topped with yogurt, fresh tamarind and mint sauce

Gobi Manchurian  $ 11.95

Batter fried cauliflower cooked in manchurian sauce.

Mozzarella Sticks $ 10.95

Deep fried golden crispy melted cheese sticks

Chili Baby Corn  $ 9.95

Batter fried baby corn cooked in sweet

and spicy garlic sauce.

Chili Paneer $ 9.95

Batter fried cottage cheese cubes cooked in

sweet and spicy garlic sauce.

Maharaja Special

Mix Vegetarian Platter  $ 13.95

Chef choice assorted batter fried crispy

veggies served with sauce